College: A Definitive Packing List for College


  • Paper (Loose Leef, College Ruled, and printing)
  • Calculator (Scientific or Graphing… Depends on course load)
  • Pens (Black, Red, Green, and Blue)
  • Pencils
  • Folders (As many as you need to organize your classes)
  • Laptop Computer (Whatever one you like!)
  • Organizer/day planner
  • Books*
  • Sturdy Backpack
  • Cheap printer**

* I recommend waiting for the first day of class to purchase books to minimize wasting money & time

**Optional, but highly recommended


  • Cups, Plates, Silverware (Cheap, long-lasting, and durable)
  • Waterbottle
  • Any instruments you play that are not too large (guitar, keyboard, et cetera)
  • Comfy pillows
  • Recreational books
  • Cell Phone

Dorm Room:

  • Fan (Small is fine)
  • Keyboard and mouse (Cheap, durable)*
  • Waste basket/Trash can
  • Desk Lamp
  • Alarm clock (One that will actually wake you up!)
  • Sheets, blanket/comforter (Ideally 2 sets, make sure to figure out what size is appropriate)
  • Toiletries
  • towels (more then 1)
  • Handsoap (preferably liquid)
  • Paper Towels
  • Vacuum*
  • All-Around cleaner
  • Lysol or other bleac-based cleaner (Vomit… Yukk)
  • Storage Containers (Something like this is fine, as is good, old-fashioned cardbord boxes!)
  • Coat racks (Over the door hooks are great!)
  • Minifridge*
  • Powerstrips (These things)/extension cords
  • Laundry basket/hamper
  • Detergent/laundry supplies
  • Flashlight
  • Tool kit*
  • Medical kit/supplies (band-aids, anti-infection cream)

*Optional, but highly recommended


Just the essentials, obviously bring plenty of shirts, underwear, etc

  • Warm Jacket
  • Rain jacket
  • 1+ pair of nice clothing (suit preferred)
  • Nice pair of shoes
  • flip flops (for communal showers. Trust me, you want ’em)
  • slip-on shoes/sandals (for walking around the dorm)
  • Walking shoes (sturdy)


  • Shower caddy/mesh basket
  • Shampoos/conditioner
  • bodywash
  • Bar soap
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • toilet paper (plenty of it)**
  • Cleaning supplies: toilet cleaner, toilet brush, etc**
  • Plunger (Trust me, you want it if you need it)**

**If you have a suite style residence


  • TV (If you want it, though realize that you can often just use the internet)
  • Fridge (Talk to roommate[s])
  • Microwave (Talk to roommate[s])
  • Computer monitor (can help multitask! Surprisingly helpful to have a second monitor)
  • Shot glass(es) (If you are into that stuff…)
  • cups/glasses (Yep)
  • Backup set of toiletries (Can save your ass many times!)
  • Mattress pads (Dorm beds are hard and uncomfortable)
  • Sewing kit (If you can sew)
  • Speakers

What NOT to bring:

  • Guns (duh)
  • Alcohol/drugs on the first day (You DON”T want to be the guy who is smashed during the first floor meeting. Especially not the RA)
  • Candles (Open flames are generally NOT allowed

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